Women's Ministry

Friday Night Coffee, Bible Studies, Conferences, Brunches....
If you are like most of the women at The Key, you feel tired, not sure which end is up....maybe you need what we have to offer a connection with other adult women!  We invite you to a variety of our activities where you will meet warm, caring women from all walks of life who understand the stresses women face in every day.  We strive to develop a stronger and deeper commitment to God through prayer and study.  Our ministry goal is to provide women with a safe place to share & relax while experiencing friendships and long-lasting relationships.

OUR NEXT EVENT - PJ’S, PIZZA & PRAISE - Saturday, November 16 @ 6pm

Ladies of all ages, mark your calendars for a night of games, fun food & friendship.  Come comfortable by wearing your PJ's and plan for a night of relaxing fun ~ you deserve it!  Along with the fun for that evening, we are requesting people to bring a pair of new PJ’s to donate to the charitable organization PJ’s from Grandma.  This organization was founded with the knowledge that many children do not have the comfort and security of pajamas. It is their hope to help agencies and organizations supply pajamas to children newborn through 18 years of age.  Visit their website: www.pjsfromgrandma.org

For more information regarding the Women's Ministry,
contact Debbie Scofield at: debbie@keytomyfathershouse.com.